Allen Hunter

Allen Hunter plays the bass. He’s been doing it for money for a long time. A lot of people say he’s really good at it. There is even recorded evidence of this: with the Eels on Vagrant Records, Michael Dean Damron & Thee Loyal Bastards on Rosa Records, Black Angel, James Low, Alan Charing, The Vibrasonics, Jim Mesi. He does it in public, too: witnesses include, in addition to the above, Kleveland, Miss Michael Jodell, Matt Brown, Dirty Martini, Lemonade, AG Donnaloia, Bo Diddley, Jaycob VanAuken, substrate, Storm Large, Jen Folker, Paul DeLay, Robbie Laws, and others.
He does what he’s told. He is easy to find in a crowd. He speaks Japanese. He is somebody’s dad.