Tracy Kim

Tracy Kim is one of the most sought after session musicians in the Pacific Northwest. He studied music composition and jazz guitar at the University of Oregon where he received his degree in music. Since then he has put his guitar virtuosity to work on a wide range of projects.


He co-wrote MTV's Teen Mom "Get Away" with McKinley, and the song “Deep,” which was featured in NBC’s “Life” Episode #109. He also co-wrote all songs and produced Muriel Stanton's cd, "The Way You Love Me". He composed the score for the films, "Devil’s in My Coffee" and "The Good Lot". He wrote the music of for the TV commercials, Maloy's Jewelry Workshop" and "GC", and he wrote the music for the multi-media / modern dance performance, "Edgar Stories", a modern ballet commissioned by Dance Theater of Oregon.


Tracy's passion for the guitar comes through when he says, "I grew up in a house filled with music. From a young age, I would be either listening to my mom play the piano or I would be blasting records. I couldn't get music out of my head. I got my first guitar when I was eight years old and have had a love affair with it ever since. I can't imagine living without it."



Hearts and Ears
Live At the Moon & Sixpence

Kung Pao Chickens, "Live at the Roost"




May (Portland, OR)

1 The Laurelthirst
3 El Gaucho
5 Andina
7 Andina
8 The Laurelthirst
11 Secret Society
13 Andina
15 The Laurelthirst
18 Andina
21 Andina
22 The Laurelthirst
29 The Laurelthirst

April (Portland, OR)

1 South Park Blocks Oregon Symphony Gala
2 Andina
3 The Laurelthirst
5 El Gaucho
6 Andina
10 The Laurelthirst
13 Secret Society
16 Andina
17 The Laurelthirst
20 Andina
24 The Laurelthirst
28 Andina
30 Andina